COBB Premier Disposable Foil Sleeves - 6 Pack

COBB Premier Disposable Foil Sleeves - 6 Pack

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cobb disposable inner sleeve grill
  • Using the disposable inner sleeve means no mess, no fuss!
  • Easy cleanup and even more convenience
  • Manufactured from Aluminum Foil
  • Each pack contains 6 sleeves


TIP: Our customers say they use a liner several times before discarding of it.  We want to suggest that you scoop out any hard fat and rinse with soapy water before the next use. Oil and fat can catch fire and damage the Top Ring. Using it more than once is better for the environment.

TIP: For a good clean, spray COBB metal parts with heavy duty oven cleaner outdoors, Let it sit for 30 minutes and rinse clean or place in dishwasher. For manual washing, use elbow grease, Soft Scrub, and a hard nylon brush. If all else fails, place Stainless steel Inner Sleeve upside down in oven while cleaning the oven automatically. The metal will change to a darker color but it will be clean!

TIP: Use good quality hardwood briquettes. Look for the words "hardwood' and 'competition style' on the packaging. Coconut briquettes are ideal too!


Compatibility Chart

COBB Classic MK1 Yes Retired
COBB Classic MK2 Yes Retired
COBB Premier Yes Current
COBB PRO Yes Current
COBB Compact With Compact Base Extension Ring Current
COBB Premier Gas Yes Current
COBB Supreme No Current

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