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cobb bread tin

COBB Bread Tin

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The COBB Bread Pan is specially designed to fit space in the COBB Grill. It can be used on the COBB Premier or Supreme. In your regular oven in the RV or at home. 8" diameter, approximately 4" high.

*Tips from our customers:

"When baking, use less heat or diffuse heat by layering foil right under the Bread Tin on Roast Rack (which should be installed on the Grill Grid)."

"Alternatively, put either the Pan/Wok/Grill Grid/BBQ Grid in place ON TOP of the Extension Ring. The dome lid should then be closed to capture the convection heat flow. Bake fresh bread at the campsite or on your back porch. Works a charm and will allow to bake evenly by creating a middle-of-oven-position."

"Using the Pizza Stone while cooking can be a great heat diffuser too."