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COBB Supreme
COBB Supreme
COBB Supreme
COBB Supreme
COBB Supreme

COBB Supreme

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Cobb Premier package contains:

  • Heat-Proof Stainless Steel Mesh Base with hard plastic Top Ring and Rubber Grommets
  • Stainless Steel Inner Sleeve
  • Charcoal Basket
  • Cooking Surface / Grill Grid (covered with food-grade Teflon)
  • Lifting Fork
  • Roast Rack
  • Dome
  • Bag

Cobb Supreme is an entertainer's dream.

stainless steel portable grill
  • 80% larger cooking surface than the Cobb Premier.
  • Caters for a group of up to 10 people or more. You can easily have two to four chickens sizzling in the roast rack while the moat is filled with enough vegetables to feed the family and friends. Endless possibilities!
tailgate grill
  • Weighs only 20 lbs
  • Size is 21" x 15" oval
  • Highest grade stainless steel
  • Safe table-top charcoal grill. While cooking, the base stay cool to the touch.
  • Fits neatly into a Supreme carrier bag.

This Cobb is bound to be a hit with every guest at your table.


TIP: Use good quality hardwood briquettes. Look for the words "hardwood' and 'competition style' on the packaging. Coconut briquettes are ideal too!