COBB EASY TO GO with Classic Griddle
COBB EASY TO GO with Classic Griddle
COBB EASY TO GO with Classic Griddle
COBB EASY TO GO with Classic Griddle

COBB EASY TO GO with Classic Griddle

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Would you like to grill sausages, steaks, fish or vegetables on board or on the go? Then the COBB EASY TO GO grill is for you!  
From grill to outdoor kitchen!
You can always add a lid and other great accessories to your COBB grill, making it a true outdoor kitchen.Grilling, baking and roasting done to perfection! Even wind can not cool this grill down completely. You can carry the grill with you and set it up anywhere - the bottom and side surfaces remain just slightly warm, eventhough the inside of the grill can reach 280-300°C. The cobble stones (sold separately) can get this grill ready to cook within 2 minutes, for a cooking time of up to 2.5 hours.


To operate the EASY TO GO grill, you just need 1 cobble stone. The grill is made for high-quality stainless steel. Thanks to its slim design, it is a real space saver. Ideal for boats, camping, on the balcony or while having a picnic outdoors. Operates without large flames or smoke. Suitable to cook for 5-6 people. The grill plate for this model is called the griddle plate, which is perfect for steaks, sausages etc. with a suitable non-stick coating.Vegetables can be cooked simultaneously alongside the meat.

  • Wind protection, fully isolated
  • Dimensions: 275, 17.5 cm high
  • Weight: 3.5 kg
How many briquettes should be used?
This depend on the amount of food being cooked. It's simple: more food, more briquettes. However, the recommendation is usually about 6-10 briquettes or one cobble stone briquette (Art. 36049). The cobble stone briquettes are ready to cook over in just 2 minutes - it couldn't get any easier!
Can you cook on the COBB Grill?
It is possible to rook rice, pasta and potatoes on the Cobb grill. Just use a 2-liter pot which fits on the briquette holder. Even buns can be baked on the grill.
Lighting the Cobb Grill:
  1. Ignite a couple of solid fire starters in the bottom of the fire pit.
  2. Place the charcoal-basket with the briquettes in position over it.
  3. Place the griddle on top and wait for 2 minutes fot CobbleStone to be ready.
  4. If you are using harwood briquettes, wait until they are mostly ashed over.
  5. Now you can start grilling! Either with the lid (indirect grilling) or without.

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