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COBB Premier Portable Grill, Bag, Roast Rack

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COBB Premier Portable Grill
Dishwasher Safe

  • Heat-Proof Stainless Steel Mesh Base with hard plastic Top Ring and Rubber Grommets
  • Stainless Steel Inner Sleeve
  • Charcoal Basket
  • Cooking Surface / Grill Grid (covered with food-grade Teflon)
  • Lifting Fork
  • Dome

The COBB Premier is made of the highest quality materials, is durable and rust-proof. The stainless steel COBB charcoal grill is the last portable grill you will buy. We carry the full line of replacement parts so your COBB can last forever.

The Cobb is not just a Grill. It can do Burgers, Steaks, Hot Dogs, Chicken Breasts and more. It can also roast an entire Chicken. The Roast Rack allows the air to flow around the food while browning it beautifully. It can bake Bread and Pizza. It can even steam Vegetables. In short, it can do what your stove and oven can, plus it can used as a smoker.

The Cobb's patented design allows the right amount of oxygen into the fire chamber. This heated air is then pushed upwards to the cooking surface. There are no holes in the center of the cooking surface. This disperses heat sideways creating an evenly heated cooking surface. The Cobb Grill reaches up to 450 degrees inside, while the base is completely cool. Perfect for tailgating, boating and camping.

The Premier weighs approximately 10 lbs and is 12.5" x 12.5' x 11" with the lid in an inverted position for storage.

TIP: Use good quality hardwood briquettes. Look for the words "hardwood' and 'competition style' on the packaging. Coconut briquettes are ideal too!

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