COBB Fuel Choices


We recommend using good quality hardwood briquettes. Look for the words 'hardwood' and 'competition style'.

We especially like briquettes made from coconut shells. It performs really well with the COBB and we think it is no coincidence because the CobbleStones are made from coconut shells as well. Coconut shells are Eco-friendly, sustainable and arguably the best raw material for high quality briquettes. They burn hotter and longer which means that less briquettes are needed – that makes them both practical and economical to use. They produce less smoke which results in a cleaner, more natural taste and furthermore, they are a reclaimed product both eliminating the need for the felling of trees for wood-­briquettes and creating a whole new job market. Coconut briquettes are generally all natural with no chemicals added. This ensures a cleaner burning which again results in a more natural taste as well as healthier grilling.

Good quality hardwood briquettes are a great option to consider and are generally easier to find in stores. Consistent heat makes cooking more manageable and the food is grilled evenly. The food cooked on a COBB is moist and flavorful. The end result is a well-rounded smoky flavor which can be enhanced by adding wood chips during the cooking process. Furthermore, the burning of hardwood is clean and leaves less ash residue. It is important to use a briquette that produces as little ash as possible. Too much ash can block the airways of the COBB which could result in disappointing performance. Briquettes made from cheap wood burn out quickly and also produce a lot of ash.

Alternatively, you can use lump charcoal for short high-heat cooks like grilling a steak, etc. The lump charcoal has an initial high heat but sometimes can be a little unpredictable and generally doesn't last as long as hardwood briquettes. Customers have measured 500 degrees F in the dome with lump charcoal!

If you wish to use dry wood in order to make coals, please prepare the coals (in the COBB charcoal basket if you wish) outside the COBB and transfer the coals to the COBB when they are ready to cook with.

Our COBB CobbleStones are now available for shipping in the USA.