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COBB Premier+ Plus

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Cobb Premier Plus package contains:

  • Heat-Proof Stainless Steel Mesh Base with hard plastic Top Ring and Rubber Grommets
  • Stainless Steel Inner Sleeve
  • Charcoal Basket thick gauge
  • Cooking Surface / Griddle+ (covered with food-grade Teflon)
  • Lifting Fork
  • Dome
  • Fenced Roast Rack
  • Improved Griddle+

*** All Cobb Grills are dishwasher safe



griddle+ close up
  • New design, with wider deeper grooves
  • Great heat retention and distribution
  • Improved non-stick coating
  • Convex base to allow fat and juices to run into the moat
  • Prevent Flare-ups


New Base Design

portable grill base

  • The visually appealing base utilizes an alluring, stylish new mesh design with large rounded edges on the base plate for ease of lifting and handling the unit.
  • There are four grommets of a new design to ensure a good fit and longer lasting.
  • The new black top ring has been totally redesigned, with a larger offset away from the heat of the inner sleeve to ensure a long life.

New Inner Sleeve Design

table top grill heat chamber

  • The fire grid is of a higher quality, thicker guage, longer lasting stainless steel.
  • The heat chamber, now manufactured from thicker material and is also removable for ease of cleaning.


New Dome Design

portable grill
  • Promotes better airflow so that the Premier+ achieves higher cooking temperatures.
  • he redesigned handle is more ergonomic and utilizes a larger scratch plate to isolate one from potential hot surfaces when handling the dome.


Roast Rack can be mounted directly on the Griddle+ in lieu of the traditional Grill Grid. All other Premier accessories fit on the Premier+ and are interchangeable.

The Premier+ is 12.5" in diameter and weighs 12 lbs.

TIP: Use good quality hardwood briquettes. Look for the words "hardwood' and 'competition style' on the packaging. Coconut briquettes are ideal too!

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